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f you’re are a fashion enthusiast or just like to buy clothes, at one point your closet will be cluttered and you would want to get rid of clothes that don’t fit anymore or those that you don’t like. The first idea that will pop into your mind is donating them to charity. But, did you know that you can sell the clothes online and earn a decent income? Well, here are 5 apps you can use to do that in the comfort of your home.

OfferUp is a must-have app when looking to sell clothes for money

OfferUp offers the opportunity to buy and sell clothes online through your Smartphone. What you need to do is to take photos of the clothes, include a short yet comprehensive description and upload them to the app. This app instantly connects you to buyers. You can interact with buyers in real-time using the app’s messaging feature. With robust safety features on OfferUp, you can identify buyers who’ve contacted you and determine if they are for real and who are likely to buy. The entire process is super simple. Listing your clothes on OfferUp is totally free, and you can meet the buyer face-to-face to close the deal in cash.

1.Vinted offers a unique perspective to sell clothes online

Numerous clothes selling websites are available out there that offer the same process for selling your apparel. However, Vinted gives you a lot more. You can swap your clothes without attracting any charges. Almost all clothes reselling sites have a rigorous inspection procedure before the item is listed on the site. This rigorous inspection procedure increases the conversion period, which isn’t good for business. With Vinted, you are at liberty to conduct your business with the buyer without the site’s interference. Listing your clothes on this site is absolutely free. However, buyers are required to pay a service fee of 0.70 fixed, plus a 5% fee off the price of the clothes.

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Tradesy is a robust site to sell clothes online

If you have a knack for branded fashion such as Louis Vuitton, Calvin’s Klein and J. Crew, this is the best marketplace to sell your fashion brands. You are allowed to create a personalized homepage or closet showcasing clothes you’re selling, including fashion brands you’ve liked from other sellers. Buyers can follow you to keep track of new products. Take photos of your clothes, upload them to Tradesy and the site will edit the pictures and list them on your page. Listing your clothes on Tradesy is free. However, the site cuts out a commission of $7.50 for sales less than $50. Sales over $50 attract fee of 1.9%.

Sell clothes online with ThredUP

If you’re looking to sell children’s clothing online, ThredUP app is a straightforward choice. You can sell children clothing yourself on this site or go consignment. ThredUP offers you the chance to earn rewards if you introduce new buyers to the site. If you Google ThreUP reviews, you’ll find that there are way more positives than negatives. However, to be able to access the website and sell your children’s clothing, you must sign up, or at the bare minimum, give out your email address.

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Sell clothes online for money on ThreadFlip

If you’re interested in online clothes business opportunities, then take advantage of ThreadFlip app to help you sell your clothes. The good thing about ThreadFlip is that they do the heavy lifting for you, such as pricing and billing of customers. If your cloth does not sell, ThreaFlip allows you to try to sell it elsewhere.


With these innovative apps, selling clothes online has never been easy. Just download the app on your Smartphone, take quality pictures of your clothes and list them on the sites for sale. You can make a good income by selling clothes online.

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